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Hate the Player, Don’t Shoot Him!!!

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Just when the talking heads of the media monster were set to tuck-tail and whimper into their respective shame corners for prematurely eulogizing fallen NFL player Sean Taylor, NBAer Jamaal Tinsley provides more ear-fodder for sports’ public opinion makers to hold on to their thug-life theories. I’m always wary when making observations like this because, at first glance, it would seem that I seek justification for the actions and lifestyles of hip hop artists, actors, rock stars, celeb-utanttes, and sports stars. My stance is merely one of anti-sensationalism and fair/balanced reporting (if such monster exists). With that said, Tinsley has got to be a better decision maker.

It’s always ironic to me when an NBA point guard or NFL quarterback has non-sports related decision making issues. Their jobs are largely placated on their ability to…well…make good decisions. I’m not convinced one way or the other if Jamaal’s decision to roll deep* to a night club and hang out beyond 3am was a good one or not, but trouble and 3am or later tend to go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately this story is shaping up to be another in a growing list of pro-athlete targeting. Some folks didn’t appreciate that Tinsley’s crew, which included the team trainer, could floss** around in three luxury vehicles all owned by the point guard. Shots from a .223 caliber assault rifle were fired at Jamaal and his friends, one person was hit and Tinsley returned fire with his licensed and registered 9mm. He admitted that his actions were a mistake and that he felt God gave him another chance at life. He didn’t specify what he would or should have done differently.

I have already heard Jim Rome on Fox Sports Radio openly condemn the hoop star for running with the wrong crowd and not just doing dinner and a movie as entertainment. One sports news source has even suggested that the Pacers should punish Tinsley….for being shot at? I’m sure others have and will chime in. It will be interesting to see what conclusions are drawn in the days to come. I’m happy no one died. I hope this doesn’t start up the ‘that’s what you get when…’ talk again.

*to travel with a large entourage.

**to flaunt material possessions


Goodbye or Good Riddance? Sean Taylor

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I’d like to state for the record that I titled this piece in a way to grasp attention. As you read further you will hopefully understand that I am reasonably grieved over this tragic occurrence. But the media’s poor handling of this story and casual attitude towards the loss of a human being is much more troubling to me.

I am an avid sports fan. It can get to sinful levels when it comes to NBA basketball and NFL football but I’m sure I’m not on an island in that department (don’t mean to excuse transgression). I was not shocked to hear that Washington Redskins safety, Sean Taylor had passed away after hearing a description of his injuries. I was hoping for the absolute best, but a gunshot wound near the femoral artery is not a good situation to recover from without immediate medical attention. I instantly thought of his family and the child he was leaving behind and I nearly cried. I felt for his friends and teammates who would be left to wonder what happened to their brother. As the reports came in it was difficult to hear accounts of the incident without the disclaimer of his ‘questionable past’. The footprint of his criminal history seemed strategically woven through each head and tag line. Once the pundits finished reporting Taylor’s history of indiscretion outweighed the sorrow of his death. A previous break-in, alleged threats, past DUI’s and a spotty up-bringing all trumped the travesty of a senseless death. What police are deeming a random burglary gone horribly wrong, is being heavily scrutinized and doubted by many of sports’ talking heads and it is raking my soul.

Colin Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith, Michael Wilbon, Jason Whitlock and Doug Gottlieb are just a few names of sports columnists and commentators who have brought light to the fact that this crime was more likely provoked by Taylor rubbing an old associate the wrong way. It bothers me so because the truth of this story is only beneficial to the Taylor family, Miami-Dade Police and residents. Why dig into this story unless the intent is to assist police in bringing the assailant to justice? I don’t get the feeling that Colin Cowherd is solving Miami murders from a radio studio in Bristol, CT. So why all the talk?

I believe many of these writers, much like there tabloid contemporaries, rush to identify the Sean Taylors (I am not condemning him) of the world as bad elements so they can sit back and say ‘See? When you do wrong, bad things happen to you’. This is the credo that helps them all to sleep at night. They also confide in the converse of that statement ‘If you work hard and do right by others good things will happen for you’ and at the very least no horrible things will happen to you. The truth is much more difficult to digest, especially when you don’t believe in an all knowing, all powerful God. Here’s what Solomon of the Bible says to that:

Ecclesiastes 7:15 In this meaningless life of mine I have seen both of these:
a righteous man perishing in his righteousness,
and a wicked man living long in his wickedness.

Solomon was not God but God allowed him to write this and include it in His holy book. Solomon notices that sometimes good people meet calamity and an early end though they are blameless. He’s also seen evil people live long, seemingly worry-free existences. Thankfully, God has promised that he will not forsake the righteous nor will he ignore the wicked. He promised it would happen but always on this this side of the sun.

Back to Sean’s judges. Random deaths and adversity don’t add up in the ‘get-what-you-deserve’ context. The safe theory is that if you stay out of certain neighborhoods, distance yourself from ‘thugs and gangstas’, mind your business, pay your taxes and take care of you then things will be fine. That’s the kind of thinking that leave many shaking there fists in anger and confusion when the formula falls short of expectation. The assurance of authentic Christian living is that God does not deal in the random. God allows and often causes things to happen, both benefit and calamity. You can rest assured that even when an event seems fortuitous God has a purpose.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything (good and bad),
and a season for every activity under heaven:

No smart person would be arrogant enough to claim to know God’s intention for allowing an act to take place. It can be comforting to think that a perfect God is in control when it feels as though no one is. Sean Taylor’s death, untimely as it may seem, was allowed to happen for some reason. It’s not up to ESPN, Fox Sports radio or anyone else to speculate. The media can, however, help by reporting the facts and speaking well of an imperfect life that still made lasting positive impacts in the lives of family, friends, sports fans and teammates.


As I complete this entry Miami-Dade police have arrested four youth in conjunction with Taylor’s murder. Confessions have been made and a gun was recovered. It appears at this point that this was indeed a robbery attempt that took an unintended fatal turn. I hope this changes the tone of media coverage.