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What if…?

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That’s a question my father always asked when explaining to my siblings and I the travesty of abortion. He was conceived as result of date rape. In 1957 his young mother was faced with two unpopular options. She could abort my father, justifiably by many standards. She was young, severely underemployed, and the victim of rape. Her other choice was to have the baby, knowing its father would not be around to support it, and place a heavy burden on her lifestyle and those that loved her. Praise God she chose the later. My father was raised with the support of his mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles, and some close friends of the family and he lived to play significant roles in the lives of his mother, his birth-father, everyone that helped raised him, his eight siblings (papa was a rolling stone for REAL, but found redemption and reconciliation before death) and countless others. My father is now a devout Christ-follower and  a successful husband, father, church elder, friend, brother and business man. His story of triumph in adversity is not an anomaly, but the testament of millions like him who were given a chance to live despite the odds. It all started with mothers’ selfless decision to say abortion is not the only answer to unwanted pregnancy. Granny exercised the audacity of hope.


SOME of the family

Today I saw a video that my friend Ben Washer posted on his blog after seeing it on BET. It’s not sponsored by a political party, person or organization but by the Fidelis Center for Law & Policy through  I don’t know if it is marketed beyond BET but when I saw it I thought, “What if…?” Like dad, I pondered “What if this man and his unique path had never been actualized?” What would that mean socially and politically in America?

It’s painful to think that our new President, with my vote, will push legislation allowing mothers to snatch hope, potential and possibility out of the hands of deserving lives.  The unborn won’t have the opportunity to follow  in his footsteps. It’s like getting to Heaven and closing the door on those behind you. On this issue, I pray his political rhetoric was just that.

For the record I am not a one-issue-voter. Had the election outcome been different this post would be on a different yet equally painful attrocity in government.


Amp! You SHOULD be ashamed!

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I am a Christian. No apologies. However I do sometimes want to put as much distance between myself and those brimstone slingers identified as the religious right, conservative Christians or any other uber-fanatic sect of Christianity. I’d prefer that the term Christian represented God’s ideal for the designation. I am one who will stand up and out for the case of Christ but I don’t see that taking shape as a Saturday night Harry Potter boycott, an abortion clinic egg-lobbing, a weekly eight hour throat-bursting praise fest or infiltrating Beale street with a bull-horn and seven foot cross in hand. HOWEVER, when commercials like this are aired I wonder if Jerry Falwell over plays the condemnation in search of a moral middle ground for this morally anemic society. I fear for my children in this increasingly oversexed nation. The good news is that none of this surprises God and He totally expects us, with the Holy Spirit, to resist temptation and live holy before Him. One thing’s for sure, I will not be so quick to look down on those Christians that protest and boycott everything from Starbucks (for the lewd mermaid logo) to Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning (pulling support from Boy Scouts of America for excluding homosexuals). Their fight doesn’t seem so absurd to me anymore.