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Put A Bell On Your Prius!

Posted in random with tags , , , , on August 17, 2008 by Rick

I was nearly hit by a car today. I was minding my business walking through a fairly crowded parking lot when I caught a glimpse of something green in my periphery. It was a Toyota Prius, silent as a ninja and centimeters away from my leg. It would have struck me but I put my hand on the hood and stopped it.


A Sweet End to Racism…?

Posted in Comedy with tags , , , , on August 4, 2008 by Rick

(paraphrased/edited for language) “Racism’s not over until they change the taste of black licorice. What ingredients are they using to make the black candies? What tastes so bad? All the other colors make logical sense. You bite into the red one and say ‘mmm, this one tastes like strawberries’…you bite the black ones and you’re thinking ‘logically, it’s gonna taste like blackberries’…not a chance. It’s the only candy that will make you want to fight! What is this, sugar and hate? It tastes like molasses and struggle!”

Comedian-Gilson Lubin, Def Comedy Jam, 2008.