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Post As If…: The Horror of Social Network Irresponsibility

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I have long thought about the new phenomenon of social networking, web logging and comment threads that has become a normal part of life for anyone that frequents the internet. Because it’s still fairly new, the rules/code of conduct are still being written. Most sites have a general, politically correct code of conduct forbidding crude and offensive language, hate-speak and such. But after that anything goes in most cases. This makes way for, otherwise normal people, to broadcast their brilliance, creativity, compassion and humor or their ignorance, shallowness, hatred, and lack of humor (and the death of English syntax). I’m sure time will produce more social networking norms and mores but until then keep the following in mind.

Things you post on the internet can normally be seen by anyone and are usually permanent. Years from now someone, with the will and desire, can dig up Myspace comments you’ve posted, blog posts, Tweets and Facebook status updates. With that in mind, don’t post anything that may get you divorced, arrested, expelled, excommunicated, or…drum roll please…FIRED! A recent ESPN report tells of a former part-time employee of the Philadelphia Eagles, Dan Leone, who was dismissed by phone for expressing his disappointment with the teams decision not to re-sign Pro Bowl Safety Brian Dawkins (this act falls a close 2nd to getting expelled via text message). This is what Dan’s Facebook friends saw that day: “Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver … Dam Eagles R Retarted!!” Ironically, the last phrase of Dan’s criticism can be used to describe his act as well, right down to the insensitive and misspelled term ‘retarded'(maybe he wanted to add emphasis by misspelling the word).

Firing a, relative, peon in these tough economic times is not the best look for a sports franchise many people regard as overpaid. They could have handled this in-house, reprimanded the guy and allowed him to keep his part time position. But Dan could have helped his own cause by understanding that big businesses take crap from every direction and will not stand for harsh critical words from a person under its employ. Dan learns a tough lesson for the good of posterity. God bless him as he tries to make ends meet and love a team that spurned him. Maybe Brian Dawkins can shoot him a bone of support to a foolish fan.

When it comes to the internet, I post as if God is standing over my shoulder. If you don’t acknowledge God, post as if your boss is standing over your shoulder.

Social Network Rule #1. Don’t Trash Your Employer Online Unless You Have or Intend to Resign.

What do T.O. and Dan Leone have in common?

What do T.O. and Dan Leone have in common?



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It’s “Don’t call or text me I’m watching the game” time!

It’s “Sure Honey! I’ll change the baby…at half time” time!

It’s “He did NOT just do that!” time!

It’s “My team just lost. I’m not hungry.” time!

It’s “Please God, let him catch it!” time!

It’s non-stop beer commercial time!

It’s “I can’t believe he just called that!” time!

It’s “Please don’t invite me to dinner on Sunday” time!

If I intimidated just one kid in this uniform…I did my part. Try maintaining that haircut after sweating in a helmet.

*Thanks to my wonderful wife, Heather, for not only granting me the time and space to drown in testosterone the better part of Sunday, but also for willingly learning the rules of the game and joining me in pigskinular bliss! She IS the one. A good thing too cause I’ve committed to her already.

Talent Kicks Character’s Butt Once Again!

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Thank you Mike Brown! That is, Cincinnati Bengal team owner Micheal Brown. After making strides to change the image of his NFL team most noted for filling the Cincinnati police blotter than the Bengals’ win column, Brown decides to re-sign serial arrestee, wide receiver Chris Henry. Whether it’s gun charges, possession of marijuana, DUI or providing alcohol to minors Henry keeps the ‘Nati Blue Boys busy. His off field escapades lead to 3 suspensions in 2006 and an 8-game-whopper of a suspension in 2007 for violating the NFL’s conduct policy (only to be out-done by former West Virginia teammate Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones with a full season suspension). After an April 2008 assault arrest, owner Mike Brown stated “Chris Henry has forfeited his opportunity to pursue a career with the Bengals. His conduct can no longer be tolerated.” A seemingly mandatory move for an owner that wants to make-over his teams image. Thanks to key injuries to three of the Bengals’ receivers, including pro-bowlers Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Mike Brown returned to his own vomit and re-signed Chris “Can’t-get-right” Henry. Brown’s gesture sends a clear message of what’s most important to him. Alienating himself from coaches and good players…or winning, it’s hard to assess right now. Henry is in training camp and will return to the Bengals after serving a four game suspension for violating the conduct-blah-blah-blah….

I am in full support of people getting another chance and getting opportunities to redeem themselves. Besides, if God held me to the letter of the law for each of my transgressions I’d be doing life in purgatory right now. The Bengals gave Chris several opportunities to change and prove that he’s more than a privileged thug. He swiftly spit in their faces with more indiscretion. After his last assault arrest he was not remorseful. He tried to justify his actions by saying he mistakenly assaulted an 18 year old thinking he was a different guy that owed him money. He doesn’t deserve another opportunity with the Bengals organization. The fans, players and coaches deserve better.

This Chris Henry knows that

This Chris Henry knows that

THIS Chris Henry can get him out of anything!

THIS Chris Henry can get him out of anything!

So if you’re keeping score, chalk one up in the win column for talent and give a disapproving glare to character. Is dog fighting the only unforgivable sin in sports?

Brett Fav-rah?

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So it’s done? Brett Favre has bretted his last favre. Brett will favre down in history as the brettiest who ever favred.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reflects:  ‘Brett is the every-bretts’ favre. Only favre will tell if the game ever bretts another Favre as brettiful as the one we all brett and favre.’

Mike Golic of ESPN’s ‘Mike and Mike in the Morning’ gushes:  ‘In all my bretts in the National Brettball Favre, I have never favred a more favreable opponent.’

*Bretting News!!!*

Brett Favre is favreing a brett conference to brettfavre his brettfavreiment…

ENOUGH!!! He was a good player, fun to watch and he’s done! Next story please!