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Sooo…What’s Up?

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For those who are counting (mom), it has been a while since I’ve posted a fresh blog. You don’t care why so here’s what’s new…(drum roll)


New to the Trotters anyway. A 2003 Ford Expedition to be exact. Heather and I knew we would need a larger vehicle for the two of us and our two little ones to vacation and tool around town in without busting a knee. God provided a great deal for us. The car dealer got rid of this SUV like it chewed the leather furniture all while giving us unbelievable trade value for Heather’s 2002 Honda Civic. It won’t see many road days due to gas prices but it feels good to be able to load the crew and part of someone else’s crew in the truck and hit the road when we want to. Kinda sucks to have a new vehicle that you can’t drive cause you nobly gave it to your wife. Great is my reward in Heaven.

Big deal number two is…


New to the Trotters anyway. A 1969 3/2 in East Memphis to be exact. Heather and I knew we would need a larger home for the two of us and our two little ones to keep appropriate boundaries and host friends without sitting in one another’s laps (AWKward~). The Lord came through as He has many times before, providing adequate space and helping me get rid of that annoying storage bill.

Heather is about 35 days from her delivery date and she is handling it like a soldier. I have the utmost love and respect for her. The whole childbirth deal is rough on so many levels. The thing that baffles me is that she was excited to get pregnant again after going through it once before. She’s my hero!


The Gift

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Jaxon at FedEx Forum02/16/2007

“A long time ago…” a child was born that would change my life. For years He was conscious of me but I was unaware of Him. Yet His impact on me and the course of my life was great. Today another child was born into this world and while I’m not sure of how aware he is of me I am strongly cognizant of him. My mission is to influence him as greatly as I can to so someday he can do the same for others. I have imagined this day millions of time never coming close to the glory of the actual event. Today I start the tireless journey of turning a boy into a man. I will teach him to love, sacrifice for the good of others, to respect people and life in general, to live for more than the things of this world and to pursue Christ with all that is in him. I won’t sleep tonight because of excitement thinking of all the things I want to share with him now that I have a face to put with my ambitions.