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To Those Who’ve Gone Before…(The Harmless Guys)

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I am no Democrat and I’m no Republican. I would never vote for a guy just because we share ethnic heritage (but it helps). As I weigh the issues and wade through the partisan poop in search of the lesser evil, I can’t help but wonder what this country would look like under the leadership of a black Commander-In-Chief (even a half black one). To catch a glimpse of the possibilities I turn to one of my most beloved confidant…Hollywood!

What happens if the US President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives are assassinated and the Vice-President is hopelessly invalid? Well, the president pro tempore of the US Senate is leader of “the most powerful nation in the world” (or some other arrogant cliche). This scenario played out in the movie The Man and somebody forgot to tell the assassins that the pres-pro-temp was a black man!

James Earl Jones as reluctant President Dilman

James "I-am-your-father" Earl Jones as reluctant President Dilman

While he was the most eloquent Head’s of State ever, his appointment didn’t sit well with America.

Deep Impact So a seven mile-wide asteroid hurls perilously towards the Earth, threatening the human race and whose sucky job is it to find a way to select one million Americans to be preserved in a cave and tell billions of others to duck-and-cover? Brother President Tom Beck.

Morgan Freeman as President Tom Beck (Watch for falling objects)

Morgan Freeman as President Tom Beck (Watch for falling objects)

Normally, Morgan’s characters assists random white people. As President, random white people assist him. That trend continues today which is why his wife wants a divorce (was that too far?).

Head of State Again someone had to die for a black man to get consideration, but neighborhood Alderman, Mays Gilliam, truly preps America for Obama because he has limited experience.

Chris Rock and Bernie Mac as Pres. and Veep hopefuls Mays and Mitch Gilliam

Chris Rock and Bernie Mac as Pres. and Veep hopefuls Mays and Mitch Gilliam

Ironically, I called Blockbuster Video in Juneau, Alaska and their only copy was rented by Sarah Palin. It seems she was inspired too.

If you wonder why America seems so poised to accept an African American as our next leader, don’t blame the current administration, but credit the producers of 24.


Dennis Haysbert as 24's now deceased President Palmer

President Palmer’s warm baritone was enough to comfort any citizen, regardless of what color the terror alert was. And he makes me ask myself “Am I in good hands?”

Coming soon, Part 2…(The Scary Guys).


Woeful Weekend…

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Two of my favorite artistic forms took a solid hit this weekend. It began with the early exit of comedian/actor Bernie Mac. No doubt, if you’ve ever heard him, you recognize his signature cadence. If you’ve ever seen him it’s easy to recall the facial expressions that seemed to be punchlines all by themselves. If you’ve ever seen him deliver stand-up you know that he could handle a four-letter-word like a ninja does nunchucks. But he did make a highly respectable mark on popular culture with his family oriented The Bernie Mac Show that painted a colorful portrait of African American middle class life. He also earned some movie roles in Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13 and Guess Who. He was taken away at 50 due to complications of pneumonia. I will always respect him because despite growing up under adverse conditions on the south side of Chicago, Mac seemed determined to succeed without excuses. He persevered despite losing his only true parent to cancer when he was 16 years-old. He didn’t get his show biz break until he was 32 but until that point he punched clocks at UPS, a bread company and furniture moving company while trying to achieve as an entertainer. When he “made it” he did not take his celebrity for granted. He worked to be a positive role model for young people (in spite of foul language). Thank you Bernie Mac! You will be missed.

Comedian Bernie Mac

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008)