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Just Joshin’?!

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Where's Manu when you need him?

Where was Manu when Josh NEEDED his shot blocked?

Note to Josh Howard, please don’t apologize for the idiotic comment you made on some dude’s cellphone camera. You should own your words and the ridicule that accompany them. You deserve the boos you will inevitably face at home in the American Airlines Center as well as the ones you will likely hear at the 41 road games you will play this season. You’ve earned the cold stares you will feel as 14,000 pair of eyes burn holes in your back as they listen to a pregame anthem, remembering how much they appreciate this country and how much you disrespect it. They’ll remember the gross millions of dollars you’re paid and will despise you even further with each missed jump shot, free throw and turnover. Sure you’ll laugh it off or light a joint and smoke away the shame but your words will ring in your ears every time a jerk reporter asks you about it instead of the 25 points you just scored or when the Dallas morning d-jays refer to bone-headed actions as “pulling a Josh”.  You see Josh, many of us don’t have the luxury of spouting off embarrassingly mindless statements only to have our boss run interference. Most of us understand that we are privileged to live in a country that allows you the freedom to speak and upload foolishness like that. Most of us respect the fact that, while this country is built on a horrific foundation, we enjoy freedoms and amenities that others in the world covet. Oddly enough, we respect that without earning an eight figure salary like yours. This will surely blow over and you will be forgiven or forgotten, as America is wont to do, but I hope this lesson does not go unlearned in your mind. I hope you look back at the missteps you’ve taken and purpose to demolish the Josh Howard many have grown disappointed in over the past 6 months and present yourself anew. Do that for your family, your children and for yourself. But please! Whatever you do don’t open a fresh can of apology and patronize the public with insincerity. Spare us that. AND STAY AWAY FROM THE CAMERA PHONES!!!


Put That Cat BACK In The Bag!!!

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I write this with a heavy heart. I think I should be happy on the day that the US House of Representatives issues an official apology for the enslavment Africans in America and for the segregation of African Americans. I THINK I should be happy. I was elated when I first read the resolution in a web article of the local paper. Then I scrolled down to the hundreds of comments filled with hatred, selfishness and division and I nearly cried. The same thing happened no matter what internet news source I read. I am not naive enough to believe that people don’t harbor hateful thoughts towards one another but it was much easier to relate to people when that was merely a theory and not literal reality in my local paper. No one ethnic or social group can claim exclusive rights to this hate. It is levied liberally by people of all hughs and areas of influence. The apology is one cat I wish I could put back in the bag. I almost wish the apology was never issued. ALMOST!

As the cliche goes “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” and while we’ve seen many historic steps in the past this one cannot be discounted as a significant one. The bottomline is blacks in America have faced diverse injustice in this mighty nation for a quite some time. Many of us have lost hope in ever experiencing true equality. This decree doesn’t change that reality but it does unearth another sliver of light in a (excuse the pun) dark existence. It’s that type of hope that can catylize healing, at least in part. It may get uglier before change and reconcilliation get a foothold but at least we’re not walking around as if there’s no issue to address. I pray the day comes in America when the embalance of opportunity is acknowledged and reformed and a person never has to think “Did that happen to me because of my skin color?”  In Jesus’ name, Amen.