Branford Marsalis’ Take on Students Today

You may know Branford Marsalis, the musical great, but do you know Branford, the social commentator? He comes to some wise conclusions after observing the patterns of his students and the flow of pop culture. He uses a colorful and objectionable term (“full of ___”), about 11 seconds in, to describe his students’ feeling sense of entitlement, the rest is expletive free.

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For the record, I wholeheartedly agree with his assessment. I have determined that I will fight the war against Western disillusionment and entitlement on my own fronts. You’ll never catch my wife, children, or anyone that consults me, wailing painfully  on American Idol or America’s Got Talent thinking they have something they don’t. If they do, you won’t find me in the crowd cheering that person on. It’s got to stop somewhere? Doesn’t it? Okay, I admit, I lose a little interest in American Idol after the audition rounds. I am part of the problem!

3 Responses to “Branford Marsalis’ Take on Students Today”

  1. heatherltrotter Says:

    I agree with him too… So who’s fault is it? This “I’m entitled” mentality. I wouldn’t put the blame solely on society, even though they may be the catalyst. I think it’s the parents that applaud & cheer EVERY thing their child does…good or bad. I pray that I have the backbone to say to our kids that something is not their ‘gifting’ if they are truly ‘sucking’ at it (this does not necessarily apply to their school-work 🙂 )

    Love you babe…thanks for sharing

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  3. aMEN, Branford! It may have always been like this, but not to the degree that it is today!

    The measure of what is “good” is so broad that anything and everything fits in, and we are left with a frustrated few who shout against the storm. Why work to be a virtuoso, or a master at ANYthing when the bare minimum is lauded from the mountaintops?

    We may not have started out as cavemen, but that is where we are heading!

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