Etta James: Settling for the Gold

Proverbs 16:16 “How much better is it to get wisdom than gold!”

It’s amazing how age wears on people in different ways. My father seems to get wiser and more methodical as his years accumulate. I love to sit and listen to my friend Derrick’s dad because he drops nuggets of wisdom like F-bombs in a Tarantino flick. Even the most trivial subject can elicit a Job-like “one-to-grow-on” from that guy. I feel great about getting older because of the wisdom that diverse trials, disappointments, failures and triumphs can afford me……and then there’s Etta. You know! Etta James? The golden-haired, satin-voiced crooner whose timeless song “At Last” has dazzled love longing listeners for four decades and counting. Etta’s now 71 and still performs the classic her classic for audiences worldwide. However, one performance passed her by and she expressed, in no ambiguous terms, her disdain for the snub, thereby exposing her shortage of winter season wisdom or, at least, her reluctance to use it. 71 year old Etta, grow up!

*disclaimer* these comments are in response to Etta James’ recent rant against the current President and Beyonce. Her behavior in this situation could very well be an anomaly.

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3 Responses to “Etta James: Settling for the Gold”

  1. heatherltrotter Says:

    And as we learned today…she was not the originator of the song! But I swear that’s going to be me when I grow up. Imma just say whatever I want and blame it on my age!!!!!

    Yeah I’m sure Glenn Miller went on a similar rant when Etta got all those calls to perform his song too.

  2. Etta James might be smart for throwing a temper tantrum — gives her the chance to blow off some steam and get free publicity at the same time

    You could be right. She has been away from public consciousness for a while. I’m just not sure insulting the first black president and the top female performer of our day garners the type of publicity that one would crave. Then again, maybe there’s no such thing as negative publicity in Etta’s world. Thanks for your thoughts.

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