My Small Screen Debut 1993

picture-5My wife sent me a text this afternoon, reminiscing over a 90’s R&B hood classic “Just Kickin’ It” by a group called Xscape (This moniker always bothered me because it was a common mispronunciation of the word escape-Rickipedia). Three of the members of Xscape were close friends of mine in high school and had just finished their first album, so I did what any fame thisrty teenager would do, I found a way to get in the video! Don’t get too caught up in trying to digest the entire video. Do yourself a favor and jump to 2:57 for the first of several shots of your favorite red-visored-fishing-vested teen. That gold chain was real but it was thin as notebook paper.



3 Responses to “My Small Screen Debut 1993”

  1. THat was one of my favorite songs back in college… how fun!!!

  2. Rosanne Elmore Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That video is ridiculous… Like TCL meets Kriss Kross. Love the shot where you can see that huge smile of yours from the back of the room.

  3. Chris Black Says:

    Xscape was the best REAL singing group out back then, I still love the sisters Tamika and LaTocha Scott. The video was cool, nothing wrong with it at all. Them girls can sang forreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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