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My Small Screen Debut 1993

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picture-5My wife sent me a text this afternoon, reminiscing over a 90’s R&B hood classic “Just Kickin’ It” by a group called Xscape (This moniker always bothered me because it was a common mispronunciation of the word escape-Rickipedia). Three of the members of Xscape were close friends of mine in high school and had just finished their first album, so I did what any fame thisrty teenager would do, I found a way to get in the video! Don’t get too caught up in trying to digest the entire video. Do yourself a favor and jump to 2:57 for the first of several shots of your favorite red-visored-fishing-vested teen. That gold chain was real but it was thin as notebook paper.



Chinese Basketball…They don’t PLAY!!!

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You may not hear this story because it doesn’t involve a multi-millionaire NBA player and it happened half-way around the world. Thanks for continuing to read. There’s nothing new about basketball players scuffling in the heat of play on the court, but after a November 28th game, former NBAer and current Yunnan Running Bull Gabe Muoneke (or as his momma calls him Nnadubem Gabriel Enyinaya Muoneke) was confronted with his wife, mother-in-law and three kids in tow, by members of the Sharks. Not the finger snappin’ thugs from Westside Story Sharks but the Shanghai Sharks Chinese basketball team. Gabe clashed with Chinese player Cai Liang on the court after they wrestled for a loose ball. After the game Liang, team captain Liu Wei and several others chased Muoneke into the corner of the arena parking lot and surrounded him. He was hit with a water bottle but was not assaulted any further. The entire incident was caught on a security camera. The team was fined and the instigators were fined and suspended ten games. This should serve as motivation for Gabe to sharpen his skills so he can get NBA attention again. At least in the US our athletes keep the violence to the court…and occasionally the stands…and sometimes night clubs…

"I hope he didn't take that personally."

"I hope he didn't take that personally."

alternate post title: When Sharks Attack