I was encouraged to dust this old pic of me and the fam back in ’83. My dad said he was upset with the mall photog and that’s why he was staring so creepily at the camera. and NO…he’s not Latino or Middle Eastern!

The Trotters circa 1983

The Trotters circa 1983

Dig the tassels on my shoes! Classic.

Check these too.


4 Responses to “Scanned”

  1. heatherltrotter Says:

    CLASSIC! The funny thing is, Trotter probably just got off work and came to take the pic and was heading right back to work. Thus, the rolled up sleeves! I love your dad… You, Christall and Rian are KILLING me! Were you and Chris not allowed to smile?

    Here is mine:

  2. […] decided to start a fun little “game” and has asked others to participate.   (John and Rick) Here is the game. Find an old picture of you and your family and put it up on your blog. Put your […]

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