Am I Not Entertained!?!

There are few things I love more than music and even fewer things I enjoy more than great music performers. It is rare to catch truly memorable performances which is why I like to record award shows and skim through the fluff in hopes of catching a transcendent performance to restore my faith in modern music and entertainment. With that goal in mind I watched portions of this year’s American Music Awards and I have to say the search for transcendent performances continues. But here are a few things that struck me.

1. Beyonce is hands down the best performer/entertainer of this musical era. My wife and I agree that I limit the amount of Beyonce performances I consume. I’m fine when she sings, I’m okay when she dances but I am smitten when she does both. I have yet to see her perform “Single Ladies” in it’s entirety.

2. Neyo is growing as an entertainer. He is lauded for his song writing but I see him trying to really give people quality performances. He’ll be limited because he doesn’t have the broad appeal of JT and Usher but he works hard and I appreciate that.

3. Alicia Keys writes some good songs, is a good piano player and have a nice voice, that doesn’t qualify her as a genius (musical or otherwise).

4. Pink grates my nerves. She can sing, she is pretty, she writes catchy songs but her arrogance, misandry and hyper-feminism make me dry heave every time she’s on screen.

5. Kanye West is an internally tormented, genius of an arrogant jerk. I love his new album though.


New Kids On The Block should not be allow back into the pop limelight. Fourty-year-old dudes should not be skipping across stages with faux-hawks and goatees, wailing falsetto tales of meeting girls in clubs and dirty dancing. I’m most disappointed with Donnie Wahlberg who carved a nice niche for himself as a Hollywood B-lister but still found it necessary to embarrass his 16-year-old by stealing his hair style and grabbing his crotch on stage. It’s amazing how the music industry will reject talented acts that start in their 30’s but they will bring former acts back in their 40’s even though the glitter looks more like dust (New Edition). What music genius thought it a good idea to put the New Kids with New Edition for a sexually charged pop single? Please let it die!


2 Responses to “Am I Not Entertained!?!”

  1. heatherltrotter Says:

    WOW! The New Kids Edition single is GARBAGE!!!! Someone be a friend and please tell them… This gives me a whole nother reason as to why I think old people need to stay old…let it go! Like I said before: Donnie needs to take a hint from his brother Mark and leave the singing to the young people…


    Neyo…I don’t know. Seemed kind of trite

    Alicia Keys…love the song, but did Queen out-sing you?

    P!nk…I guess I’m forgiving of a lot of things

    Kanye West… he really is an arrogant genius!

  2. That was awful…I mean really awful…this is what happens when you have great fame as a preteen and by 40 you realize you never had a God given ability to really sing at all… BEWARE JONAS BROTHERS

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