Prayer Answered


I’d like to thank you for a very peaceful and well-run election day. No vote tallying controvercy and no violent demonstrations. I am reminded of your sovereignty during this whole process. Thank you for your trancendence.

In Jesus’ Name,



2 Responses to “Prayer Answered”

  1. On your blog about the TV Evang. you concurred with Derrick and agreed with his blog and actually responded to what he was saying about “wenching out scripture” and beating over the head with it,.. I like to call it Cherry Picking,.. just like you did with Matt. 28:18-20. He said to obey His commands,… and if you know scripture at all – it is the command to love. How can you publically black ball others in ministry without knowing he annoiting that the Holy Spirit has given them,.. I have love and respect for all of them,.. even you, whom I do not know,.. because ultimately it is between them/you/me and God. NONE of us are to be sitting in judgement, talking & acting out of the Love commandment. The gift of discernment was given to us who have the ability to see everyone the way that the Trinity does,,… it does not give us licence to judge others. Take the correction,.. the wise do.
    Kathi M

  2. Rick.

    You got a STALKER!!!

    Sorry. man. Didn’t mean to give out your “address.”

    Really, though, Kathi’s bible appears to be missing some important pages.
    And I’m sure Hinn and his cronies are thrilled to have people like her as their offensive line.

    Where is the “love” for those who are being tricked? Is it not love to warn them?

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