Dr. James Dobson…Really!?!

Perhaps Dr. James Dobson SHOULD focus on the family and leave the politics to people that don’t run a non-profit. I’m just saying?

Check out author Matthew Paul Turner’s post http://jesusneedsnewpr.blogspot.com/2008/10/silly-dobson.html


2 Responses to “Dr. James Dobson…Really!?!”

  1. Amen from this corner.

    I posted my own thoughts on the letter at my blog; http://anothernathanmyers.com.

    Thanks for the link Nathan. Your views are very well expressed. I am having a hard time finding God lauding nationalism in the Bible but millions of Christians lift patriotism and political affiliation as high or higher than their identity in Christ.

  2. Rick

    I think a lot of the misplaced patriotism comes from reading the Old Testament and thinking we can insert “America” in where “Israel” is. A tragic mistake, and bad biblical reading, but I think it’s a very widespread practice.

    For example, Psalm 33:12 is oft-quoted, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.” Yet often the second half of the verse is omitted, “the people he chose for his inheritance.” The second half strikes me as a clear allusion to Israel. How does it strike you?


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