Commitment Issues?

Do men really have commitment issues? I hear that quite often. It’s mostly heard from frustrated singles but it is commonly accepted non-the-less. I hadn’t thought too deeply about it until ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd spilled over the issue to the point of exhaustion. He argued that men are immensely committal, however it’s generally over things that don’t appeal to women. His examples were record collections, sports memorabilia, fantasy football leagues, refurbbing an old car, sports teams etc. Then the Holy Spirit poked me in the side. “What all are YOU committed to Rick?” I thought of my wife, my children’s spiritual and physical well being, my relationship to Christ, my jobs, being a positive member of society, standing against injustice…then it happened. I felt ashamed as my next thoughts were the Falcons, the NBA, watching football, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, DirecTV, high-speed internet (not dsl), new-release Tuesdays for music, everything recorded by John Mayer, anything recorded by Outkast, and carbohydrates.

I don’t believe it’s wrong to desire and experience the things on my list, but what disturbs me is that the thought of going without these things for an extended period of time, or forever, makes me more than a little nervous. I am committed. Which means my money, energy and time are devoted to these things. That bothers me. I have elevated insignificant activities to unhealthy levels and, thanks to God’s agent of change, Colin Cowherd, I will be reevaluating the place I’ve set for these things in my life.

Maybe I’m overreacting?

Maybe I’m saving my soul?

What are YOU committed to?

Want to see my shot glass collection?


One Response to “Commitment Issues?”

  1. This is good Rick! I don’t think you are overreacting. I think that we deceive ourselves most days when we obviously have heavy devotions to things that may even trump what we should be devoted to. I know checkbooks and time spent is a clear indicator of what we truly love, but we mostly just ignore or justify them. Good thought and honesty. Like it.

    Thanks DT!

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