It’s “Don’t call or text me I’m watching the game” time!

It’s “Sure Honey! I’ll change the baby…at half time” time!

It’s “He did NOT just do that!” time!

It’s “My team just lost. I’m not hungry.” time!

It’s “Please God, let him catch it!” time!

It’s non-stop beer commercial time!

It’s “I can’t believe he just called that!” time!

It’s “Please don’t invite me to dinner on Sunday” time!

If I intimidated just one kid in this uniform…I did my part. Try maintaining that haircut after sweating in a helmet.

*Thanks to my wonderful wife, Heather, for not only granting me the time and space to drown in testosterone the better part of Sunday, but also for willingly learning the rules of the game and joining me in pigskinular bliss! She IS the one. A good thing too cause I’ve committed to her already.


2 Responses to “IT’S FOOTBALL TIME!!!”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH YOU! But I love you anyway… Who are we rooting for this year?

    The Falcons as usual! But we’ll adopt a team that has a chance like the Seattle Seahawks or the Chargers to keep things interesting.

  2. There are too many comments to make about this post…Rick that hair………..

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