Put A Bell On Your Prius!

I was nearly hit by a car today. I was minding my business walking through a fairly crowded parking lot when I caught a glimpse of something green in my periphery. It was a Toyota Prius, silent as a ninja and centimeters away from my leg. It would have struck me but I put my hand on the hood and stopped it.


4 Responses to “Put A Bell On Your Prius!”

  1. that’s bs because i drive a toyota echo and i am all the time having to honk my horn because it’s pretty damn quiet when at idle .. —
    are we gonna put a bell on all those cars too ?

    how about a speaker switch for all cars while in a parking lot or intersection
    that says look out .. look out ( just like big brother might do in the film 1984) …

    Many cars that run all the time and are nearly as silent would make the same behavior .. but it’s just good to bust on the prius because you can ….? ??

    eric, you are absolutely right. It IS “bs”! While I did nearly get hit by the stealthy hybrid, I don’t expect anyone to place a bell on their Prius or Echo and I didn’t truly stop the car with my hand. I also can’t get Dorothy back to Kansas. -Rick

  2. eric…laugh much?

  3. If you ask me, it sounds like you are the ninja.

    I’d heard these cars are great for nearly everything except not killing kids who play in the street and don’t keep their heads on a swivel (or are blind).


  4. Rick – You are not alone … check out the CNN article below. The state of California thinks that hybrids are too quiet and wants them to figure out a way to make them “more noisy” so that people (particularly the blind) can hear them. The bill passed and is going to the governor to make it a state law.


    Eric – you strike me as a “passing blogger”. Defined as one who surfs blogs, reacts quickly by writing the first thing that comes to mind, then moving on to another blog.

    Chris – wow. Someone remind me to not play in the street.


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