A Sweet End to Racism…?

(paraphrased/edited for language) “Racism’s not over until they change the taste of black licorice. What ingredients are they using to make the black candies? What tastes so bad? All the other colors make logical sense. You bite into the red one and say ‘mmm, this one tastes like strawberries’…you bite the black ones and you’re thinking ‘logically, it’s gonna taste like blackberries’…not a chance. It’s the only candy that will make you want to fight! What is this, sugar and hate? It tastes like molasses and struggle!”

Comedian-Gilson Lubin, Def Comedy Jam, 2008.


5 Responses to “A Sweet End to Racism…?”

  1. “What flavor is this that tastes so bad?” Hilarious!

  2. Tastes like kerosene! That and the black sheep of candy, the much hated Black Jelly Bean! This is the only candy I can’t eat in the DARK!

  3. It took ONE time for me to bite down on a black jelly bean in the back seat of the car at night on a family trip to teach me…

  4. dawntoya Says:

    haha so true…Def Comedy Jam is still on?

    Yeap! It’s hosted by DL Hughley, set in LA and Russell Simmons STILL comes out at the end with his patented “Thanks for coming out, God Bless & Good Night.”

  5. Pardon me jumping in on this but it might be for clarity as well insight to the American culture. I have always wondered how the joke about the black licorice is taken or viewed on a serious level. Here’s my take.
    When ever I write a joke or come up with one I always think first, ‘will my own people like it? Meaning is that the kind of humor that is seen as degrading or hurtful. A comedic insight passed around is that the audience has to relate not feel bad. That joke walks the line and I tried not to chose a side on the subject but only lay out a situation.

    Secondly, I would not do the material if I ever find out it offends someone or allows you to think less of a people who have only fought against hatred the Martin Luther King Jr. way. With love. My views of course.

    … I was online trying to find a copy of the Def Jam as I live in Canada and came across this site. I am not looking over my shoulders. I just thought this was a really cool site and felt cool about the joke making it on your page.

    Thanks for the time.

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