The Comedic Stylings of Naive Children

How could anyone laugh after seeing this image? My friend and worship bandmate Jason Clark shared the story of taking his kids to the National Civil Rights Museum here in Memphis. Upon seeing this picture and having limited knowledge of the details of Dr King’s death, one of the children hypothesizes “I know why Dr. King got shot!  He wasn’t paying attention!” In the child’s mind everyone else was pointing to the assailant and Dr. King didn’t take the cue, leading to his demise. I don’t mean to minimize the loss of one of the greatest champions for justice in our history, but that’s just funny.

Lord forgive me…


2 Responses to “The Comedic Stylings of Naive Children”

  1. Lord forgive you indeed! But it’s not surprising that a child, without the full knowledge of what really happened, would come that conclusion. The things we learn from children…

  2. Yeah, I was trying to figure out how to post that without being offensive… It was so funny. The way the child’s mind processes stuff, I mean. I’m gonna duck now while you take those hits.

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