Killin’ ‘Em Softly (the Beale Street Alternative)

Kudos to one of my best friends, Derrick Deric Williams! Last night, he and a ferocious ensemble of musicians set Neil’s on fire with the torch of smooth jazz. I ain’t talkin’ Kenny G, single note holdin’, sleep inducing, audio wallpaper. I mean soul stirring, head bobbin’ music! The ensemble KWEST (pronuonced quest) put it down in midtown! Some may say, ‘big deal, you heard a band in Memphis.’ It is a big deal because they didn’t play one overused blues or soul standard. No mouth harps, gruff-sounding wailers, or any mention of Kings (Elvis, B.B. or otherwise) just universally appealing great music. They are slated to hit each third Sunday of the month at Neil’s in Midtown Memphis around 7pm. $7 cover, good food and a warm atmosphere to gear up for your weekly grind. DO IT!!!


5 Responses to “Killin’ ‘Em Softly (the Beale Street Alternative)”

  1. Somebody ought to get you a better camera! Maybe I’ll get to see him play before the baby comes. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if I went into labor at the gig?!?!

  2. Hey can you remind us of this a couple of days before the next one? Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Rick! You too much, man! Thanks!
    Heather, you better keep that oven locked up on my gig!

  4. No Derrick! I think it would add a mysterious element to the gig. I’ll be so embarrassed that I’ll try to sneak out, but everyone will know and there will be lots of whispering and the band will be none the wiser! AWESOME!

  5. Oh, yeah… that’s reeeal funny the way you mock the French spelling of my name!

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