Tested YOUR faith today?

I think Hollywood gets too much credit for being the entertainment hub of America when places like Kentucky, West Virginia and Alabama provide endless entertainment without even trying. Case in point, observe this church in northern Alabama.

The Holy Spirit has totally cheated me out of that involuntary jerk thing they do.


7 Responses to “Tested YOUR faith today?”

  1. Usher: My kind of church there Deak!

    Deacon: Are you nuts? What are you talkin’ about

    Usher: Well, the more idiots they attract, the more roadkill and the more dinner…mmmmmm!

  2. “Looka them poor dumm Christians! Nex’ thing, they’ll be pickin’ up mountins an thowin ’em in the oshun! Thass why I don’t want no part of ’em!”

  3. First of all, that involuntary jerk is very creepy.

    Second, they seem pretty creepy without the involuntary jerk.

    Third, Maxdaddy is funny.

  4. I really think Fellowship should try the snakes out.

    How am I supposed to know if Rick Trotter is anointed by God. If he gets bitten and dies from a rattlesnake bite in Church, then we’ll know.

  5. Can I cuss on your blog?

  6. I feel like I have a split personality – one side laughing uncontrollably and the other side extrememly saddened by this nonsense. Like the “laughing” churches, it’s sad because I think that these people really think that they are “in the spirit”. I wonder if Jake-the-Snake Roberts is a member of the congregation.

    By the way – that “jerk” thing is genetic. Watch most white people “free-style” dance and you’ll see what I mean. Watch my son for that matter.

  7. Yes you may cuss Dawn. We are all redeemed here!

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