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What Are You Waiting For?

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Seriously! If you haven’t, do it soon!


ESPN the Magazine Alienated Me…Again!

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Exhibit A:

They had no intention on taking my $4.50 this week.

The Comedic Stylings of Naive Children

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How could anyone laugh after seeing this image? My friend and worship bandmate Jason Clark shared the story of taking his kids to the National Civil Rights Museum here in Memphis. Upon seeing this picture and having limited knowledge of the details of Dr King’s death, one of the children hypothesizes “I know why Dr. King got shot!  He wasn’t paying attention!” In the child’s mind everyone else was pointing to the assailant and Dr. King didn’t take the cue, leading to his demise. I don’t mean to minimize the loss of one of the greatest champions for justice in our history, but that’s just funny.

Lord forgive me…

Killin’ ‘Em Softly (the Beale Street Alternative)

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Kudos to one of my best friends, Derrick Deric Williams! Last night, he and a ferocious ensemble of musicians set Neil’s on fire with the torch of smooth jazz. I ain’t talkin’ Kenny G, single note holdin’, sleep inducing, audio wallpaper. I mean soul stirring, head bobbin’ music! The ensemble KWEST (pronuonced quest) put it down in midtown! Some may say, ‘big deal, you heard a band in Memphis.’ It is a big deal because they didn’t play one overused blues or soul standard. No mouth harps, gruff-sounding wailers, or any mention of Kings (Elvis, B.B. or otherwise) just universally appealing great music. They are slated to hit each third Sunday of the month at Neil’s in Midtown Memphis around 7pm. $7 cover, good food and a warm atmosphere to gear up for your weekly grind. DO IT!!!

Tested YOUR faith today?

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I think Hollywood gets too much credit for being the entertainment hub of America when places like Kentucky, West Virginia and Alabama provide endless entertainment without even trying. Case in point, observe this church in northern Alabama.

The Holy Spirit has totally cheated me out of that involuntary jerk thing they do.

Sooo…What’s Up?

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For those who are counting (mom), it has been a while since I’ve posted a fresh blog. You don’t care why so here’s what’s new…(drum roll)


New to the Trotters anyway. A 2003 Ford Expedition to be exact. Heather and I knew we would need a larger vehicle for the two of us and our two little ones to vacation and tool around town in without busting a knee. God provided a great deal for us. The car dealer got rid of this SUV like it chewed the leather furniture all while giving us unbelievable trade value for Heather’s 2002 Honda Civic. It won’t see many road days due to gas prices but it feels good to be able to load the crew and part of someone else’s crew in the truck and hit the road when we want to. Kinda sucks to have a new vehicle that you can’t drive cause you nobly gave it to your wife. Great is my reward in Heaven.

Big deal number two is…


New to the Trotters anyway. A 1969 3/2 in East Memphis to be exact. Heather and I knew we would need a larger home for the two of us and our two little ones to keep appropriate boundaries and host friends without sitting in one another’s laps (AWKward~). The Lord came through as He has many times before, providing adequate space and helping me get rid of that annoying storage bill.

Heather is about 35 days from her delivery date and she is handling it like a soldier. I have the utmost love and respect for her. The whole childbirth deal is rough on so many levels. The thing that baffles me is that she was excited to get pregnant again after going through it once before. She’s my hero!