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Who’s Da Master?!…or at least one of them.

Posted in Uncategorized on June 15, 2008 by Rick

I recieved the distinct honor of being one of the judges of the Uptown Memphis Community’s annual BBQ Fest! It’s not as heralded as THE Memphis BBQ Fest but it’s quite tasty and there’s better parking. Pork shoulder, chicken, turkey burgers (best I’ve ever had), brisket and ribs all headlined the best Saturday afternoon lunch I’ve ever had. Kudos to my boy John Carroll who slipped to second place against a terrific turkey burger (and I hate turkey burgers). If there was a best sauce category John would have snagged it. The man knows sauce. Being the Grizzlies public address announcer has its perks but if I have to grunt out another awkward “Mmmmemphiiis Grrrizzlies!” in a non-basketball setting I may punch myself in the face. However, after hearing the local ABC weather guy and fellow BBQ judge Mark Walden get crap about a thunder shower after his 20% chance forecast, I won’t be complaining about yelling in public. After a long night of “Hail Marys” and “Our Fathers”, my penance for the gluttony, I look back fondly at one of the best neighborhoods in Memphis and a very fun event.

Checkout the Commercial Appeal Article that dubbs us “masters of culinary consumption“.


Spelling Bee-ers Creep Me Out! (No alternate pronunciations)

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BEE WEEK (May 25th-31st)! Congratulations to Sameer Mishra the 2008 Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion! If you are not a fan or spectator of the Bee you are missing some of the country’s best alternative entertainment. Don’t be fooled by it’s annual address on ESPN, it is not a sport but the competition level is high and the spectacle factor is through the roof. From the display of nerves, to obnoxious parents and siblings, socially awkward prepubescents, to the disheartening yet delicate “ding” of the hotel-desk-bell after a misspelling and of course, my personal favorite, the constant parade of rituals, quirks and ticks, this show doesn’t disappoint. However, the kids are so smart and seemingly void of true adolescence that they can seem creepy. Like the kid who speaks into his fist before spelling. Or the boy that twirls his hair while asking for the language of origin. Here’s some pictures of the contenders with phrases I overheard.

“The hat keeps my brain warm”

“As long as she doesn’t buzz she can keep the antennae on.”

“I should SO be in college right now.”


“Don’t talk to them about me, I’m standing right here!”

“She doesn’t have an agent. Just sign her in!”

“Yeah…then he spelled cryptologic with a K!”

“Oh my God! She my Favorite! I’ve spelled all her words!”

“Why don’t they just ask me all the words? I can spell them all.”

“I wouldn’t trust that spell check. I’m the champ you know?”

“I’m sorry. Could you repeat the word?”

“Come on guys? A little help here?”

“Where my spellaz at?”