Free Personal DJ!

If you had to choose one song to be your personal theme song, played every time you entered a room, what would it be? Chew on that for a minute while I introduce you to the music genome project known as Pandora Radio. It’s not as lecherous as the name implies but it is very accommodating. Simply type an artist’s name that appeals to your aural appetite and Pandora Radio streams a seamless playlist right to your computer containing gems from your artist and artists of similar element. It’s WYOU! The catalog is pretty thick so you’re bound to find your guy. You can give feedback by approving of disapproving selections. You can even skip a song if you ain’t feeling it (that feature has a 5 or 6 per hour limit). You don’t have to sign up to try it out. Registration is easy and allows you to share your playlists and sample your friends preferred listening faves. It is paid for by advertising like social networks and the like so they ask for your age, gender and zip code.  I don’t think it gets more intrusive than that. So stop reading and start listening! Shout out to Derrick Williams for filling me in on a new supplier.


3 Responses to “Free Personal DJ!”

  1. Great suggestion… love listening to artist similar to my favs… thanks for the heads up.

  2. I think the site is broken though… they’ve never heard of the artist, Rick Trotter though…

  3. Hey Rick, I learned about Pandora on this posting and i love it.
    Thank you for the tip and for everything you do at Fellowship.

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