Amp! You SHOULD be ashamed!

I am a Christian. No apologies. However I do sometimes want to put as much distance between myself and those brimstone slingers identified as the religious right, conservative Christians or any other uber-fanatic sect of Christianity. I’d prefer that the term Christian represented God’s ideal for the designation. I am one who will stand up and out for the case of Christ but I don’t see that taking shape as a Saturday night Harry Potter boycott, an abortion clinic egg-lobbing, a weekly eight hour throat-bursting praise fest or infiltrating Beale street with a bull-horn and seven foot cross in hand. HOWEVER, when commercials like this are aired I wonder if Jerry Falwell over plays the condemnation in search of a moral middle ground for this morally anemic society. I fear for my children in this increasingly oversexed nation. The good news is that none of this surprises God and He totally expects us, with the Holy Spirit, to resist temptation and live holy before Him. One thing’s for sure, I will not be so quick to look down on those Christians that protest and boycott everything from Starbucks (for the lewd mermaid logo) to Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning (pulling support from Boy Scouts of America for excluding homosexuals). Their fight doesn’t seem so absurd to me anymore.


7 Responses to “Amp! You SHOULD be ashamed!”

  1. Dude, that commercial is terrible. I mean it was made well…but the message is so terrible.

    No AMP for me, does this mean no Mountain Dew too? No Pepsi. Don’t they own Taco Bell. Where do I stop?

    At least no Amp.

  2. Wow. Wow. Are we serious? I mean…wow.

  3. Rosanne Says:

    Mountain Dew is my favorite!! those jerks…

  4. Seriously? Its conservatives like you that take things a step too far. The video was a joke, albeit tasteless to a select few. If you (or your ilk) are SO influenced by outside stimulus then I would suggest that it is more a lack of home training and less a ding on society.

    Have we really regressed so far that all of a sudden it is everyone else’s fault that we screw up. I mean, do you really think that the obesity problem in this country is the COMPANIES that serve foods’ fault? If you do believe that, then yes, this video is horrid and you should take your christian crusade all the way to the white house and picket some people.

    Seems to be doing all of those people you mentioned lots of good. Intelligtent discussion be damned, heads should roll for an OBVIOUSLY satire on a certain aspect of college life.

  5. Thanks Anon,
    It’s good to hear you acknowledge that “certain aspects of college life” are indeed “screw ups.” I’m not sure what gave you the impression that I was blaming my moral failure or anyone’s failure on COMPANIES. To answer your question I believe food service companies have no responsibility for the obesity of its patrons (especially me). Supersizing is a suggestion not a demand.

    I did express concern for my children, who I consider to be highly impressionable, watching commercials and other content like this and thinking that promiscuity is an acceptable part of life (college or otherwise). Casual sex can have very damaging repercussions and images like this desensitize the entire ordeal. I will fight tooth and nail for my child’s moral purity and I don’t need something as seemingly innocent as an energy drink ad working against me. SO if that means being unjustly labeled by anonymous blog-comments I can deal with that. I am not against energy drinks but I am opposed to using satirical-sexual scenarios to peddle them. Head-rolling not required.

    It may please you to know that I will not be picketing the White House but I will teach my kids what is acceptable before God.

  6. You KNOW you’re in for it when you’re placed in an ILK! Uh oh!

    Rick, I thought you gave context to your post at the beginning by expressing your DIStaste for those useless, extremist-style protests.

    And I thought you were talking about one night stands and “unsafe sex,” not food.

    People kill me telling everybody else to avert their own eyes while THEY “do their thing” in the middle of the street at noon! We can’t even complain anymore without being ridiculed.

    Yeah, “It’s just a commercial.” But if it were just that, why do companies clamor to throw millions of dollars at the networks for seconds of airtime? Coke didn’t amass billions by throwing money away unwisely. Commercials are why network teevee is free in the first place.

    I work in those venues that the people with the giant crosses picket. And I am a Christian. I don’t like being instantly summed up as a heathen by them. I think a lot of that stuff does way more harm than good. (Take the guy who shot up the Universalist church last week for example…) I think Falwell and his “ILK” poke the Lord in the eye.

    But if I want to complain about a stupid commercial, or Girls Gone Wild, or a snatched out boob (that my nephews saw), allow me the freedom to do that without playing Whack-a Mole on my head.

    Anyone who cannot see that the world is steadily getting coarser and less private about what is private either ain’t looking or don’t wanna look.

    We’re in an avalanche, and we’re either sliding with it or we’re looking up at it.

    Too harsh?
    😀 How ’bout that?

  7. Whoa! I didn’t mean to put that “wink” up there. That was supposed to be a parenthesis. Durn Emoticons…!

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