…and just like that!

Well…? What did you expect to happen? I’ll blog later about why, though this digs the knife of disappointment in a bit deeper, I’m still with my young hawks to end…or something less dramatic.

Positive Take-Aways from Today’s 34 point Beat-down:

-No animals were harmed in the completion of this playoff series (which may seem insignificant but I’m a Falcons Fan).

-We have a proven “take-over”-type player in Joe Johnson.

-Josh Smith gave Garnett fits and he is a restricted free agent.

-Rajon Rondo did not die. Thank you God. That was a bone-headed move on Marvin Williams’ part. He’s lucky he’ll only be serving a suspension at the start of next season.

-We gave the NBA world something to talk about…even if this game was something to forget about.

WARNING to the Celtics:

You’ve been exposed! Pound your chest and chant “We want Cleveland!” but keep in mind that the only first round game 7 in 2008 was played on YOUR FLOOR! It should never have happened. People will conclude that the Hawks didn’t show up in the last game. I wonder why Boston didn’t show up three times in Atlanta. The Hawks fought tooth and nail to scratch out some tough wins in Atlanta. Boston’s wins were miles more definitive. I contend that the Celtics had the abilty to smack the Hawks down at will but where was the fire? The Boston Hawks didn’t deserve to be on the same court with the Boston Celtics. Someone forgot to memo the Atlanta Celtics (You may have to read that again).


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