I Drank the Green Kool-aid!

Let me open this log with a sincere apology to my hometown Atlanta Hawks who are on the brink of a huge game seven showdown in the first round of the NBA playoffs with the league’s best team (statistically). I have been painfully loyal to the Hawks since 1985 when Jaques Dominique Wilkins won the Slam Dunk Contest. I stayed on board when Larry “Legend” Bird killed my dreams in 1988, I dug-in when Lenny Wilkens came to town and set my hero ‘Nique packing for NBA-obscurity, I followed blindly as ownership said Christian Laettner would lead us to playoff gold and I have taken emotional punches year after year as general management has slaughtered progress with amateurish selections in the draft. The last time we were in the playoffs we beat a poor Pistons team 3 games to 2 only to be choked 0-4 by Latrell Sprewell and the eventual Eastern Conference champion New York Knicks. So here we are, nine years later, squeaking into the playoffs with the worst record of all the playoff teams facing the Voltron of the NBA. Touting three All-Stars, the most wins on the season, and the winningest franchise in history, The Boston Celtics were guaranteed to win! I gave my home boys (not the slang colloquialism) no hope to win one solitary game. I WAS WRONG, and I’m happy to say so. I believe now! For better or worse, I’m resold! I will either be elated and on top of the world Sunday evening, or I will be broken and down-trodden. It’s kind of my way with sports. But that’s fuel for another post. LET’S GO HAWKS!!!


“Don’t let statistics and history compromise your fanhood.”

-With Apologies, Rick


One Response to “I Drank the Green Kool-aid!”

  1. tough ending to the series, but the hawks were tough

    joe johnson was a monster in the series.

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