Brett Fav-rah?


So it’s done? Brett Favre has bretted his last favre. Brett will favre down in history as the brettiest who ever favred.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reflects:  ‘Brett is the every-bretts’ favre. Only favre will tell if the game ever bretts another Favre as brettiful as the one we all brett and favre.’

Mike Golic of ESPN’s ‘Mike and Mike in the Morning’ gushes:  ‘In all my bretts in the National Brettball Favre, I have never favred a more favreable opponent.’

*Bretting News!!!*

Brett Favre is favreing a brett conference to brettfavre his brettfavreiment…

ENOUGH!!! He was a good player, fun to watch and he’s done! Next story please!


4 Responses to “Brett Fav-rah?”

  1. treadmarkz Says:

    that was really favring entertaining.

  2. I never favred so much in all my favring LIFE!

  3. Farveball will never brett the same. I am in mourning.

  4. Funny (not haha) article ping-pong between ESPN’s Sal Paolontino and Packer Backers:

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