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Hate the Player, Don’t Shoot Him!!!

Posted in Fox Sports Radio, NBA, Sports with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on December 11, 2007 by Rick

Just when the talking heads of the media monster were set to tuck-tail and whimper into their respective shame corners for prematurely eulogizing fallen NFL player Sean Taylor, NBAer Jamaal Tinsley provides more ear-fodder for sports’ public opinion makers to hold on to their thug-life theories. I’m always wary when making observations like this because, at first glance, it would seem that I seek justification for the actions and lifestyles of hip hop artists, actors, rock stars, celeb-utanttes, and sports stars. My stance is merely one of anti-sensationalism and fair/balanced reporting (if such monster exists). With that said, Tinsley has got to be a better decision maker.

It’s always ironic to me when an NBA point guard or NFL quarterback has non-sports related decision making issues. Their jobs are largely placated on their ability to…well…make good decisions. I’m not convinced one way or the other if Jamaal’s decision to roll deep* to a night club and hang out beyond 3am was a good one or not, but trouble and 3am or later tend to go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately this story is shaping up to be another in a growing list of pro-athlete targeting. Some folks didn’t appreciate that Tinsley’s crew, which included the team trainer, could floss** around in three luxury vehicles all owned by the point guard. Shots from a .223 caliber assault rifle were fired at Jamaal and his friends, one person was hit and Tinsley returned fire with his licensed and registered 9mm. He admitted that his actions were a mistake and that he felt God gave him another chance at life. He didn’t specify what he would or should have done differently.

I have already heard Jim Rome on Fox Sports Radio openly condemn the hoop star for running with the wrong crowd and not just doing dinner and a movie as entertainment. One sports news source has even suggested that the Pacers should punish Tinsley….for being shot at? I’m sure others have and will chime in. It will be interesting to see what conclusions are drawn in the days to come. I’m happy no one died. I hope this doesn’t start up the ‘that’s what you get when…’ talk again.

*to travel with a large entourage.

**to flaunt material possessions